Friday, November 11, 2011

Shopping local this season!

Every day we inch closer to the holidays. And if you are like me, the contradiction of the media simultaneously spewing news regarding the struggling economy, broke state budgets, and the national debt crisis while at the same time passing along the need to go shopping this holiday season at a big retailer, is confusing.

For those of you don't know, tomorrow November 12th, there is a large fall festival that will be highlighting local businesses around Phoenix. It goes on from 10am to 4pm and will be located in the Biltmore area at the Duck and Decanter (you can visit this link here for more information)

Most people don't realize the importance of shopping at a local retailer and how much more it positively effects the local economy and the community.

It is estimated that when you shop at a local small business, a whopping 73% of all of the money you spend stays in the local economy; as opposed to shopping at larger corporate chains where only 43% of the money stays in the state and the community.

We at Mo-Money Pawn shop are a local business and support other small local businesses in the community, and encourage consumers this year to try and do their holiday shopping in the local community. Not only is it a more pleasant experience interacting  with shop owners and employees, but you are directly effecting your community.

So check out the festival and everything the local businesses have to offer, and when you're done, come check out the shop and meet our great staff and see all of the excellent deals we have to offer.

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