Saturday, November 12, 2011

Holiday Packages now at Mo-Money Pawn

Springfield 1911-A1 package $549
We know, we know... Its only Mid-November, but the Christmas season is rapidly approaching. Our staff has been hard at work brainstorming how we can best serve our customers for the holiday shopping season. We understand that time is valuable, money is tight, stress is high, and nothing is going to stop Christmas from arriving right on time as it always does.

Glock 21 Package $524
Kel-tech CCW package $424
One of the first major deals we have unveiled is some super amazing gun packages that we already have available in the shop. Each package is customized by our expert firearm staff and includes literally everything you will need to begin enjoying your new firearm right away.
They all include a premium firearm, holster, eye/ear protection, triggerlock, and yes... even a box of ammo! Some packages even include a bonus gift like a knife or magazine carrier, extended magazines, and even a shoulder holster.

As I said before, each package will be customized, so if you see a package you want, come down to the shop as soon as possible! Everything is while supplies last.

Shop Phone 602-279-4417

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