Monday, November 14, 2011

Diamonds anyone?

For anyone who has ever been in our store with their wife or girlfriend, no doubt they have sniffed out our extensive jewelry selection. In fact, our jewelry selection is one of the largest portions of the store.

If you were thinking about getting that special someone that special piece of jewelry this year, we have the selection for you at prices that are so far under common retailers that its not even funny.

Our Jewelry is marked 30-40% UNDER Rapaport wholesale prices, most retailers are actually 50-100% OVER that price. Its almost silly to think about spending your money at a retailer this year when our prices are so dramatically less.

On top of all that, do NOT even think about using one of those credit cards they offer and pay ridiculous interest charges on an already marked up item. We are Mo-Money Pawn Shop offer an INTEREST FREE and FEE FREE layaway program, there is literally no excuse to justify buying at a retailer!

Make this holiday special without breaking your bank account on mark-ups. Support local business while saving yourself Mo-Money.

Thanks for Stopping by!

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