Thursday, November 10, 2011

Early Paycheck today

Hello to all! We at Mo-Money Pawn shop just wanted to take a few moments to reflect and perhaps remind people as to why this weekend is so important. Most people get so caught up in the preparation of the upcoming holidays that they easily forget a very important day commemorating those who have served in our military.

People usually only participate in the mindless chant of "support our troops" without giving much thought as to what it means to be supportive of those who have worn or are currently wearing the uniform. When in reality, supporting the troops should not just mean verbal praise, but the constant support in action and words; reflecting the reason why our troops join the military in the first place.

Its my belief that those who wear the uniform share a fundamental ideal that is the foundation for what this country was founded on. Free speech, religion, the ability to pursue your personal hopes and dreams, and a democratic freedom to choose the people whom mold and shape our society. This is what putting on the uniform means and what they defend in both sweat and blood.  The citizens of this country are a direct result of their action and sacrifice. Regardless of your opinion in terms of social, economical, or political debates; the men and women in uniform are to be thanked for the ability to form opinions at all.  

So, we hope everyone has a good Veterans day and remembers why your paycheck came a day early this week, and not to take it for granted.

-Mo-Money Pawn Shop


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