Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Countdown to "Black Friday"

Most people believe the term "Black Friday" is a term used because its the day most retail stores begin to turn a profit (or "in the black") but in reality the term originated  in Philadelphia from the Police department to describe the disruptive traffic that would occur the day after Thanksgiving.

Day after Thanksgiving at a Wal-mart 2009 (From Wikipedia)
Nonetheless, since 2004 (officially) "Black Friday" has been the busiest day of shopping in America. Retailers across the nation open at ridiculous hours (sometimes at midnight) to try and get their customers as amped as possible about spending their money for the holiday season. They create mobs by offering outrageous deals to an even more outrageously small amount of customers.

Black Friday...the Mo-Money way

We here at Mo-Money Pawn shop do not buy into the bloated hype of "Black Friday" We offer our customers great deals every day of the year and will continue that trend on Black Friday, all the way through Christmas, and beyond into 2012.

We will however, be opening at 8am on Black Friday only in order to sooth the shopping sweet tooth of the early morning zombie consumers. We will also be having some exclusive deals for the holiday season that we will share on this blog. So stay tuned and keep checking back for information about how you can get in on the action.

Stay safe this holiday season and come down and visit the shop for an atmosphere that revolves year-round in saving our customers money.

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