Monday, November 7, 2011

Free Layaway ahead!

One of the many new signs seen around the shop
If you have been in the shop as of lately, you will notice that there are several new signs that read "free Layaway" and our number one question is, "How does the layaway program work?"

With the plethora of news headlines highlighting the negative economy, a lot of retailers this year are marketing their re-vamp of the layaway programs that have not been offered in the recent years. Consumers are looking for a way to better budget their money to get something special for their friends and loved ones this year.

Here at Mo-Money Pawn shop, we have always had a layaway program with un-heard of terms that have been un-changed.

1.Our layaway program is and has always been INTEREST FREE with NO FEES. 

2. There is no maximum terms which means you can take as long as you need to pay your item off.

3. We only ask for a 20% down payment of the item with no extra fee.

4. We only ask that you make a payment of 10% of the remaining balance every month.

This means the original cost of the item is what you pay, regardless of how long you have it in layaway.

To sum it all up, here is an example of how a layaway would work...

If you wanted to layaway an item that costs $100 you would pay an initial down payment of $20, your first payment due in one month is $8 (10% of the remaining balance which is $80)

How awesome is that? If you would like more information please contact the shop at 602-279-4417 or visit us 10am-7pm at 12th Street and Indian School.

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