Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cash for your guns and how we appraise your item

We have had literally hundreds of people whom submit their items for appraisal through our online submission form and one of the most asked question we receive is, "why is it so low?"

Lets be honest, the appraisal most of our customers receive is a bit... anti-climatic. With the radio, television, friends, co-workers, and family all talking about firearms, you would think that anyone with a couple guns in the closet is sitting on a gold mine. Truth is, the gun market is extremely competitive and heavily regulated which makes selling used firearms a delicate task.

Here are some reasons why your firearm may not be worth what everyone says its worth.

1. The media

When you hear about gun shops being empty, the Government attempting to pass legislation (click here to read about the dropped assault weapons bill), and waiting lists for certain firearms, you begin to think back to high school economics; supply and demand. Truth is, we at Mo-Money Pawn Shop have literally thousands of firearms in stock, even in "this market". Firearm shortages of certain makes and models are true, but the market always stabilizes itself within a short amount of time.

2. Gun buyers are smart buyers 

Its no secret we are going to re-sell your firearm (to someone who can pass a federal background check I might add) and the people we sell firearms to, are extremely well-informed buyers. This means that we cannot simply give you $2000 dollars for an AR-15 based on price gougers on internet forums because there are plenty of people and dealers whom are selling brand-new ones for half the price. Gun buyers know what guns are worth and are very well-informed of the competition. In order for us to sell at competitive prices, we must offer a fair price for the purchase of your item, based on the market value as a dealer.

3. Fees Fees Fees

Many people do not factor in the taxes and fees associated with doing business as a gun shop. We must factor in these heavy fees when giving you an appraisal to buy. We are taxed heavily by both local and Federal governments in order to comply with policies and laws. We at Mo-Money Pawn Shop NEVER cut corners when it comes to laws in doing business with firearms.

4. Almost like new is not new

Many people whom bring in their firearms to sell claim their firearms are "new" or "like new". Firearms are much like a new car. Their value diminishes significantly once you drive them off the lot. In addition, many firearms come with factory warranties that can only be claimed by the original buyer. Once the firearm is sold, the warranty is no longer valid. And once again, gun buyers are smart buyers. When a gun buyer is inspecting an item, they know if the item has been fired. 10 rounds is no different than 500 rounds or 1000, the item is used and the new buyer knows it has been used.

5. Our offer is instant cash

The appraisal we give to people is a no haggling and hassle free offer for instant cash in your pocket. No posting on backpage, dealing with private buyers, or the fear that your sale will come back to haunt you.

Our pledge to our customer is to always offer the fairest price possible for the purchase of your items. We want to do business the right way and as worry and hassle free to the customer as possible.

We hope that this sheds a little more light as to our appraisal process. Don't let ridiculous reality TV shows, the media, or uninformed individuals put a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to dealing with Pawn Shops. Mo-Money Pawn Shop has been in business for over 25 years and serving the local community with fair prices for both the buying and selling of goods.

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