Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Get Top-Dollar for your Firearms and Accessories

There is no illusion that firearms are top headlines these days. The media, the water-cooler, and the social circles we all subscribe to are all buzzing about firearms and the firearm industry. Politics aside, this means that people whom are in need of quick cash who own firearms can get some serious green in their pockets. Honestly, if you arent looking to hold onto your guns, now is just about the best time to sell them. 

We here at Mo-Money Pawn Shop have attempted to make this as easy as possible for people who would like instant cash in exchange for firearms, magazines, scopes, add-ons, and ammo. 

  1. You can bring your firearms into our physical location. We are located at 1152 East Indian School Road in Phoenix, Arizona. We will evaluate your items and give you an offer to buy on the spot. You sign a few pieces of paperwork and get cash in your hand within a few minutes. 
  2. We have set-up an online form that you can fill out and submit and allow us to appraise your item. Once you get our offer you can decide to bring it down or not. Its free, secure, and absolutely no obligation. 
There are tons of benefits to bringing your items into the shop VS trying to sell it yourself.

  • No haggling or dealing with private buyers. We all know that private buyers are a pain in the rear. They flake and have incredible unrealistic expectations. 
  • No need to put yourself in an unsafe situation. Gun transactions in parking lots is usually not a comfortable setting. 
  • We only re-sell our firearms to those who pass federal background checks and show all forms of proper ID. Peace of mind like that is priceless. 
  • Our offers are instant cash offers. You have full power to accept our offer or to try and sell it yourself. Not-to-mention if you get an offer from us, its valid for one week. Try to sell it for more and if you can't, our offer still stands!
  • You can always trade! We have thousands of firearms in stock all the time. Trade in an old one for something you have always wanted. Our prices are some of the best in town. 
All-in-all we truly want to earn your business. We believe the best way to do so is to make it easy for you and to offer a fair amount for your item(s). Click on the tab above and fill out the form to see for yourself. You might be surprised how much a shop will offer you!

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