Thursday, February 9, 2012

Now shop on Facebook for Guns, Jewelry, electronics, and more!

Its been a forever and a day since we have updated this blog. But thanks to our new website tracking software we have found out that quite a few people visit our corner of the web to see what is going on, so you will see regular updates a little more often.

New Wish list albums on our Facebook page

For those of you who should be working (but somehow manage to play on your Facebook page while acting like its an important spreadsheet) will really enjoy our new Wishlist Albums on our Facebook Page. We have posted pictures with links of items we currently have for sale on our showroom floor which allows all of our friends to browse without leaving the comforts of their own living room (or office cubicle).

Currently there are three albums of jewelry, guns, and electronics. Each caption has a link to the actual item on our webpage. Check it out!

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