Friday, April 17, 2015

Glock 43 - $499.99 Fair Price Lottery

We have one Glock 43 scheduled for delivery on Friday 4/17/2015.

After price checking this pistol on Gunbroker and various gun stores and finding outrageously inflated prices, we've decided to hold a lottery to get this popular compact pistol for just $499.99 + tax!

We want all of our customers to have an equal opportunity to buy this weapon for a fair price. So, when we open at 10 am on Saturday April 18, 2015 anyone wishing to buy this pistol will be given a lottery ticket and the ticket will be placed into a drawing barrel.

The winning buyer will be drawn at 10:30 AM sharp. We will continue with this same lottery process as we get continue to get more Glock 43s in stock.

If you don't get drawn for the Glock--better luck next time! But, as an added bonus, all entry tickets will also contain a 10% off coupon for ammo or sporting good accessories.

Good luck and fair prices for all from MMP Guns and Mo Money Pawn Shop!

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