Friday, November 16, 2012

We will be opening EARLY on Black Friday

What do you have to lose? Thats why we are challenging every jewelry shopper this holiday season to stop by because we feel you have a lot to lose by NOT stopping by... like say, 40%-60% (maybe more) of your money that you would spend at a mall retailer.

Believe it or not, its here again. "Black Friday" and Mo-Money Pawn will once again be open early (8am... not too early) On Friday November 23rd and we will be having a HUGE sale.

Now, I know you all are thinking... why would I shop at a Pawn Shop for Christmas gifts??

Well, we have TONS of Jewelry. Our Prices are already lower on Jewelry than all mall Jewelers. Even their Black Friday sales don't even come close to our prices the rest of the year (We are usually 40-60% off)

We also typically have double (if not more) choices and inventory.

And on top of that... we are discounting our prices even lower. Sold yet?

We also have brand new and used firearms. Prices that are lower than other gun shops in town.

So once again, we will be open at 8 am on November 23rd. We are located at 1152 East Indian School Road Phoenix, Arizona 85014

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