Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Father's Day from Mo-Money Pawn Shop

“My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.
   - Clarence B. Kelland

Dad; father; papa; daddy; he goes by many names. He might be your biological parent, or the man who stepped up to the plate to raise you. Authority figure, protector, disciplinarian, hero... he has many roles. Perhaps he taught you how to throw a football, ride a bike, repair an engine, shoot a gun, or catch a fish. Perhaps he was there to help you be strong through adversity, and resilient through strife.

Whomever the male role model in your life is, honor him for what he has done, how he has helped you, and for letting you learn from watching how he lived.

This Sunday June 17th is Father's Day, and we here at Mo-Money Pawn would like to honor you, dads, and to wish a Happy Father's Day to you and to the important men in your life.


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