Friday, May 18, 2012

We need your Help on Yelp!

Mo Money Pawn

Please help us with reviews! 

The fact of the matter is the internet is a powerful tool for everyone to share their personal experiences with their friends and family. We need your help in letting other people know how awesome Mo-Money Pawn Shop really is.

We always strive each and every day to make our customer's experience a pleasant one. We honestly have the best staff in town who put a tremendous effort in every days to service our customer needs no matter if its a new TV purchase or needing a loan to help with the bills, we will always treat you fairly.

Please help us to establish an honest reputation we fight so hard for by leaving a review on one or all of the online sites for reviews.

For people who have Google accounts here is our Google Places page where you can leave a review on Our google page here

Here is our Yelp page

Thanks again for your help!

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