Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Local News Media highlighting the shop!

In the past 10 days, we have had considerable coverage with the local news and radio station. Mainly to the fact that people this holiday season are looking for the best way to save on great holiday gifts. People who usually would never think

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  1. MoMoney Pawn as we all know existed Long before police had the ability to track stolen merchandise.They came up in this valley buying and selling stolen merchandise,knowing or not is not the issue,please people use your commonsense.I do not think they deserve or have earned any of this good press.If you want a good deal for the holidays check out Walmart,Kmart or one of your local retailers that sell generic or off brands.It will be new not tweaked out or mickey Mouse rigged and come on brands are not EVERYTHING!Think about it those brands were generic before they became popular.Just check out what your buying and just look at the quality and workmanship it will show through. Your kids will get something new that they can break and fix and do a better job then some of the hack jobs I have seen on merchandise I have purchased from pawn shops. Yours truly,Caring Parent