Everything You need to Know about our Layaway Program

This should answer just about everything you need to know about our Layaway process. 

Quick Break down... Layaway is available for just about any item in the store. Below is a more detailed breakdown for our Online Gunbroker customers

  • 20% down plus the cost of shipping (if applicable) to start
  • 10% every 30 days of the original balance
  • You will have as long as you need to pay it off (8 months is a full term layaway if you only pay minimum)
  • No Fees or interest on layaway
  • To begin layaway process commit to buy on Gunbroker.com and you will receive an e-mail with further instructions. 
Example of a layaway on a $500 item with $23 shipping and $4 insurance would be $127 to start and $50 payments every 30 days. (20% of cost ($100) + $23 shipping + $4 insurance = $127)

If you commit to buy an item on layaway it is assumed you agree to all terms of our layaway program and fully understand the process.

The most asked question we get pretty much everywhere is, "how does layaway work"?

It took us a few months to get the kinks out of the system and it is now an extremely smooth process and used by dozens of customers.

The first thing you need is to determine if your item is eligible for the layaway program. TYPICALLY we only offer Layaway on items that are Fixed Price Auctions Only. This means, items that are "buy it now" with no auction. However, sometimes in order to be more appealing to bidders, we will offer layaway to the winning bidder.

To determine if your item is eligible for layaway, we will put it in the title of the Gunbroker auction. In very rare circumstances, if you REALLY REALLY want an item and layaway is not offered, you can contact us via e-mail BEFORE YOU BID ON GUNBROKER. Please do not assume we will allow it if it is not already listed in the auction terms and options.

Layaway terms are as follows. (For Gunbroker Customers)

You must First commit to buy on Gunbroker.com. This is so we have all of your information and so Gunbroker won't get mad they aren't getting their piece of the pie.
  1. Once you commit to buy on Gunbroker, we are alerted and will send you a link in your e-mail (the one associated with your Gunbroker account) that will direct you to our Website where you will check out like any other website. It is secure, safe, and we never give your information to anyone. 
  2. If you wish to send a Certified Check (No personal checks accepted, they will be sent back and we will relist your item) please send it to 1152 E Indian School Road Phoenix, Arizona 85014. Have the Check made our to "Mo-Money Pawn Shop" and please clearly indicate what item the check is for and your name. 
  3. To begin the layaway you must put 20% down PLUS the cost of shipping. No exceptions will be made for anything less than this amount. We do this to be fair to everyone.
  4. After your initial down payment, Layaway payments are 10% per month of the ORIGINAL Balance. 
  5. You must call 480-359-7296 for all additional payments after the first payment. You can only make a 20% plus shipping payment through our website. You can pay off the total amount at anytime. Because it is interest free it makes no difference to us if you take 1 week or 8 months. 
  6. If you fail to make a payment within 30 days, all monies collected will be absorbed by Mo-Money Pawn and the item will be re-listed and resold. We do NOT send reminders when an item is close to being resold, we ask that the customer be responsible in remembering. 
Example: A $100 item with $22 shipping would be $42 down and $10 per Month. 

If you were to pay only the minimum every month, it would take a maximum of 8 months to pay off your item.  

  • Layaway is Fee Free and Interest Free. This means you will only pay for the original exact amount of the item you bid on (better than paying interest on a credit card!) 
  • We take Visa, Master, and Discover. and Certified Money orders and Checks. We do not accept personal checks and will not wait for them to clear. They will be sent back and the item will be relisted. 
  • If you have any questions at all regarding this process, please contact us at 480-359-7296 or e-mail us smassaro@momoneypawn.com

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